GenericMedia - Worldwide Lead Generation in Competitive Industries

Now that you’re here, who are we?

Generic Media is based around a group of talented and highly skilled professionals that combine expertise in Digital Marketing, Web Design and Product Development. Our focus for quality drives us to target and channel high value traffic towards our selected partners We also happen to be super competitive, and thankfully, in this industry this is allowed.

What makes us tick

Operating in 8+ countries spread out over 4 continents. Generic Media Ltd. develops and grows consumer comparison sites. We specialize in scalable lead generation across our core markets. We make some pretty tasty hummus too.

One goal to rule them all

Our main goal is to generate (massive?) sustainable growth across new and current markets.

The digital space is an ever-growing environment which is encompassing more and more facets of our lives (sometimes too many actually). Our deep understanding of behaviour in this environment makes us a trusted partner in providing quality leads. In essence, we “bring it”.

What you came here for

Our Services

We provide affiliate marketing for our partners which operate in a variation of industries across multiple markets. Instead of seeing our digital marketing operations as separate strategies we rather work towards aligning them. This enables us to create enhanced exposure and visibility for our partners.

Aren’t you glad to have read that? Basically, we bring the leads and conversions, you provide the product. Deal?



Ranking sites above other sites, waking up and looking at “the numbers”. Talking about what the algorithm “wants”, obsessively looking at those other sites ranking for “OUR!” keywords (sometimes even Google makes mistakes you know?)

Pay Per Click

We really don’t want to “pay” but we have to. Same as above, just paying for Google’s self-driving cars and their fancy “organic, gluten-free” chef-made lunches.

Media Buying

Sometimes you can turn £1 into £2, this is one of those times. We focus on finding and buying shiny media, using cutting edge technology and proprietary methods to ensure we’re able to deliver traffic faster, better and of course, better (yes, again. It is that important).

Partners in Business

We’re pretty good at the marketing and “comparison” bit, but our partners really make this whole thing happen. We work with some of the best in the industry, here a bunch of logos!

GenericMedia - Worldwide Lead Generation in Competitive Industries

Let's talk (or not, your choice)

If you feel we can help you take things to the next level, you have an amazing brand that we should work with and a couple extra euros in your pocket, get in touch!

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You seem cool, got a job for me?

Of course not! Unless you’re good, then maaaaybe.

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